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North Texas Basements, Inc. is a total solutions residential and commercial foundation contractor specializing in basement construction, crawl spaces, and slabs on grade. We also specialize in retaining walls, formwork, and flatwork. All North Texas Basements, Inc. structural foundation work is built according to American Concrete Institute standards and the Concrete Foundation Assoc. standards, on footers. To protect the structure from soil movement, all the company’s foundation work starts at a depth that gives it resistance to most ground movement. 


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"Tom, thank you, thank you for our basement. You were dead on when saying basements save on utilities. We have been through 2 summers with rarely an electric bill getting over $200. Including the basement, that makes 4,200 sq ft of air conditioned space." - Bill from Denton

"I want to again thank you for the wall work. Your professionalism in the construction field is excellent. Based on you and your team's performance I am very happy to act as a reference if you need one. Thank you again for helping build our dream home." - Satisfied Customer



Energy efficient, environmentally friendly and solid concrete construction – features every new home should have. Today, home buyers expect to get more from their new home. They want beauty that's more than skin deep. A home that fits their lifestyle. North Texas Basements, Inc. will build you a home with solid, high quality construction, greater comfort and security, lower energy bills and lower maintenance. A home that's healthier to live in, and easier on the environment.


North Texas Basements, Inc. has a "Concrete Reputation" to meet all your concrete construction needs. We work with a variety of contractors and individuals in all areas of concrete construction. Our expertise will help your project finish on schedule and within your budget.Our dependability will ensure a successful project outcome. We will provide you with an accurate estimate, quality workmanship, good communication, a safe work environment through safety-trained employees & programs, and maintain your schedule. Our goal is your satisfaction and developing a lasting working relationship!

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Basements in Texas? SURE!

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